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Conversational language creates a deeper understanding and a more wide-spread audience.

In B2B marketing, White Papers have always been the "bread and butter" of any industry. The thicker the slice, and the heavier the spread, the better.

Not anymore ...​

Today's buyers don't need (or want) technospeak.


For them a valuable White Paper is not only one ...


  • They can understand, but

  • One they can explain, in everyday language, to their superiors

  • To justify a big purchase

As an added bonus, oftentimes a well-written, understandable White Paper is shared throughout the industry.

When a customer understands how your products or services can solve their problems, they are prone to share your solution with friends and colleagues.


Being given valuable, understandable solutions to prolems builds trust. When someone trusts you, they refer you.

The use of White Papers is still an excellent format for marketing. Your White Paper provides the solutions and the details necessary to solve your customer's biggest problems.

If your company uses White Papers, please CONTACT US to learn how My Construction Copywriter can help your company.